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5 Ways to Protect Your Garden Pipe

November 07, 2019

5 Ways to Protect Your Garden Pipe


Garden pipe is not just another gardening tool. As soon as you hold, it becomes an extension of you. So trouble-free working of garden hose is critical for you. There are a few actionable tips that are simple and yet highly effective. Execute them and see the difference for yourself.

Here are 5 simple tips to add extra working years to your garden pipe.



This is most often the reason for garden pipe damage. Garden hoses are soft PVC, and they tend to get punctures from a sharp object. While working around in the garden or home take care to avoid lethal contact with gardening implements.



UV rays in the sunlight affect the garden pipes the most. UV rays weaken the polymer and reduce the working life of the garden pipe. It is therefore imperative to protect the hose from sunlight.

After you have finished watering your plants, don’t leave the garden hose lying in the sun. Recoil it and put it away from sunlight.

You will get an extended life of your garden hose with this simple task.



A hose hanger or hose reel is always a prudent investment. See the multiple benefits of using a garden hose hanger

  1. Proper storage of garden hose
  2. Protection from vehicular movement and unnecessary damage
  3. Protection from sharp objects.
  4. Protection from exposure to sunlight.
  5. Protection from kinks and thus,
  6. “Ready to use” status of the garden pipe.
  7. Get a clean and lean look of your garden.

Do remember to install the hose hanger in a shaded area.



A regular quality garden hose gets damaged in winters. It will develop cracks and will eventually break. So you can’t really do much about it.

Garud Garden Pipe is least affected by cold, but it does get changed. You can easily add one year of life to your Garud Garden Hose if you protect it from unnecessary exposure to sunlight and cold.

All you have to do is to keep your garden hose indoors when not in use in the night during winters or during snowfall. That is sufficient.



Draining out the water from the hose is of immense importance for hose health. Stagnant water in a tube is conducive for the growth of algae. Algae development causes hindrance to smooth water flow.

Secondly, the chlorine content sometimes found in water, used for sterilisation, can affect the chemical properties of PVC. Though the process is prolonged, over a while, it does affects the garden hose.



A little effort to maintain the garden hose pays rich dividends in the form of an extended working life of the garden pipe. Just make a habit of doing them, and you will surely save a lot of money.

Do share some tips that you have developed for maintaining your garden hose.

Which tip do you feel is most effective in garden hose maintenance?

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