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Garud Garden Pipes - Value for Money

July 09, 2019

Garud Garden Pipes Blue & Yellow Colour

Garud Garden Pipes is our flagship brand of pipes collection. For the past ten years, this garden hose has set a new standard in its class and is trusted by millions of people for being a reliable and value for money product.
So, let’s explore what qualities make Garud Garden Hose the choice of everyone.

It’s an All-Weather Garden Pipe
Garud Garden Hose is usable in all weathers. In summers the Garud Garden Hose will not become oily and sticky. In winter the Garden hose will not crack or break.


It’ Super Flexible Garden Hose
The beauty of Garud Garden Hose is in its flexibility. Be it summers or be it winters, Garud Garden Hose will be flexible and curl-free. In winters, when most of the garden hoses end up being hard and un-bendable. Stiffening of the simple garden hose makes it crack and break in winters. Garud Garden Hose, on the other hand, will be very much bendable and flexible in harshest of the winters and foggy conditions.
In snowbound areas also even if the water inside the garden hose freezes, the garden hose will not get any type of cracks or damage and will be useful as soon as the water inside the tube melts away.


The high-quality raw materials, the right proportion in which they are used, the strict quality tests ensure that the effects of heat, cold, sunlight is minimum on Garden Hose while the life of garden Hose is maximum.

Why Garud Garden Hose is costlier than the ordinary garden hose
Simply because

  1. We use excellent quality raw materials.
  2. We have stringent quality tests to ensure quality.
  3. It is worth more than three regular quality garden hoses and still lasts longer.


Value for Money product
You have two options, either buy one Garud Garden Hose for 4-5 years or buy 3 regular garden hoses in 5 years.
Garud Garden Hose thus adds VALUE to YOUR MONEY and ENHANCES your gardening experience.

It’s a Garden Hose
Garud Garden hose is especially useful for areas with low temperatures round the year even if your area experiences snowfall. You can bet on Garud Garden Pipes for reliability, durability, flexibility and years of service.

If you intend to use the Garud Garden Hose for applications where high-water pressure is involved, then you should buy Garud Shakti Garden Hose or Garud Premium Garden Hose. Garud Garden Pipe is designed primarily for gardening and not pressure applications.

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Garud PREMIUM Garden PipesGarud PREMIUM Garden PipesGarud PREMIUM Garden Pipes

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