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What size of Garden Hose should you BUY?

July 09, 2019

Garud PREMIUM Garden Hose Pipe different sizes

Garden Pipes are used in homes and some commercial activities. Depending on the usage and water source, a suitable garden hose pipe is needed for optimum benefit. 



Garden Hose Pipe is available in 4 different sizes to fulfil a wide variety  of tasks. The 4 main sizes are

  1. 0.5” (1/2”)  or  approx. 13 mm
  2. 0.75” (3/4”) or  approx. 20 mm
  3. 1.00” or  approx. 25 mm
  4. 1.25” or  approx. 31 mm



Regarding Garden Pipes, when we say that this is a half-inch garden hose, then we are referring to the inner diameter of the garden hose. The outer diameter of the garden hose is not used to denote the size of the garden hose.

So if it is a half-inch garden hose, then it means that the inner diameter of the said garden hose is 0.5”. Similarly, a 0.75” garden hose has the inner diameter of 0.75”, and 1.00” garden hose has an inner diameter of 1.00”.

Cross Section of Garud Premium Garden Pipe

The outer diameter of the garden hose can vary as per the material used and weight of the garden hose. (link to kink article)



Half inch garden hose is used commonly in homes for gardening and other domestic uses. These garden hoses are compatible with the commonly available taps. With a tap-connector, a half-inch garden hose can be connected to a wide variety of faucets available in our country.

Various domestic gardening equipment like sprinklers and sprayers are compatible with half-inch garden hoses. If you are buying for home, then very likely you require a half-inch garden hose.



0.75” garden hose also finds use in some homes but under specific conditions only. The plus point of using a 0.75” tube is that it can transport water in high volume and can take more pressure relative to 0.50” tubing.

If you have a water pump installed at home which has a 0.50” output nozzle, then a 0.75-inch garden hose is indeed a requirement for you.

0.75” taps are also available, and some people also install them for high water volume. If you have that then sure go for a 0.75” hose.

With bigger size comes more bulk. 0.75” has more weight which in turn requires more effort in day to day upkeep and storage.

In smaller construction sites 0.75” garden hose finds a use for curing and water transportation. Like if you are constructing your new home or shop then ¾” tube is well suited for your work.



One inch hose is least used in homes and is meant for bigger lawns, agriculture and construction activities. These are employed directly with pumps, and the primary task is water transportation.



The 1.25-inch hose is used exclusively in farms and construction sites. 



For home, you need a half-inch garden hose

For a small construction site, you may require a 0.75-inch hose.

For a lawn and bigger construction sited you would exclusively need 1.00-inch or 1.25-inch garden hose.


So which size of Garden Hose Pipe would be right for your task?


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Garud PREMIUM Garden PipesGarud PREMIUM Garden PipesGarud PREMIUM Garden Pipes

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