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Why Garden Pipe becomes oily in summers?

October 21, 2019

Why Garden Pipe becomes oily in summers?



Many times we have seen that garden hose gets an oily substance on its surface. This oil comes from inside the garden hose. It not only makes working with the garden hose a tough job, but it is harmful to health also. You should avoid using such type of garden hoses. Garud PREMIUM Garden Hose is a solution to the problem and is always recommended for domestic use.

The oils coming out of garden hose are Petro-Products and this process is called migration. Migration happens when the garden hose is exposed to heat and it has primarily two reasons. Let's find out.



With increasing competition and low sales, the pressure sometimes starts to fall on the quality of the products. Garden Hose is one such victim. Long ago garden hoses were made with high-quality raw materials and had good service life. But as the production grew and competition intensified, the use of cheap chemicals became a normal trend. To describe in easy language, it can be said that these chemicals don't mix up properly and start migrating out of the PVC, the base raw material.  

Also, the chemicals and fillers are added beyond the prescribed limits, and garden pipes as such come overloaded with chemicals. These chemicals start migrating when exposed to even normal heat.

Low-Quality raw materials are also a big health risk. Something that comes cheap has one or other shortcomings that reduces the cost. Sometimes those shortcomings pose health problems in the near future. 



When the only criteria of choice become price then the quality of the product takes a huge dive. Precisely this thing happened and the time came when garden pipes started to be manufactured for seasonal use. 

Garden pipe manufactured for winters would not work in summers and the garden hose manufactured for summers would not cross the winters intact. This thing ensures that the sales of garden pipes keep recurring.  

Actually, Garden Hoses made for summer are comparatively less oily to touch but become hard in winter and ultimately breaks. Hoses made for winters are soft in winters but in summers they become so oily that it becomes difficult even to hold them in hand. Wide variety of fillers and other chemicals are manipulated to vary the product as per the season. 

But the loss is not just for the end customer, loss is for the whole of the nation and it ultimately affects the health of coming generations. 



In some cases, migration can also happen due to the use of incompatible raw materials. Even if the raw materials are pure, then also garden hose exhibiting migration in normal temperatures should be avoided because petroleum-based products should always be consumed with full care.



The solution is simple. Always buy a garden hose on the basis of quality. A quality garden hose is not only safe but it also proves to be a value for money product in the long run. 

Garud PREMIUM Garden Hose is manufactured with exactly that purpose. Our focus is entirely on delivering quality and quality alone. Garud PREMIUM Garden Hose not only solves the problem of migration, but it also has so many other qualities that ensure that it is VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

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