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Why Garden Pipe breaks in winters?

October 20, 2019

Why Garden Pipe breaks in winters?


This is a common problem with Garden Hoses, that they break in winters and disintegrate into numerous pieces. But there is a solution.

The breakage in winters can be due to many reasons. A few of them can be listed as below.




If you are living at someplace where winters mean snowfall then quite likely you have known that water expands on freezing. Due to this expansion, the garden hoses experience the pressure from inside and therefore they burst. GI pipes and other rigid pipes burst due to this reason only.

But you are not living in Manali or Srinagar and yet your garden hose cracks and breaks. This takes us to the reason no. 2


Before that, why not watch a video of Garud PREMIUM Pipes undergoing the Ice test.







In case the garden pipe is not flexible as per the required quality, it becomes hard and brittle in winters. As the intensity of cold wave increases, the hardness also increases. A hard garden hose is more like a dry wood which breaks into pieces when we try to bend it. A soft garden hose is like a green wood which is bendable and thus unbreakable.


On snowbound mountains, when water converts to ice and expands, a high-quality garden hose like Garud Garden Hose, stretches itself and creates space for ice to get accommodated. Flexibility in winters is thus crucial for the long service life of a garden hose.




With the purpose of selling cheap, some garden hoses are made from low-quality raw materials. This, on one hand, reduces cost but on the other hand, degrades the quality also. The customer ultimately gets a poor quality garden hose, which is just cheap and no value for the money spent on it.

Low-Quality Garden Hoses become hard in winters and oily in summers.




Again with the view of fighting competition and selling cheap, garden hoses are sometimes made for seasonal demand. Garden Hoses made for summer are comparatively less oily but become hard in winter and ultimately breaks. Hoses made for winters are soft in winters but in summers they become so oily that it becomes difficult even to hold them in hand.




Solution for this problem is simple. Always choose a quality product that may be a bit costlier, but should be value for money in the long run. Garud Pipes are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and are made to deliver VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. The testimony to these claims is the reviews given by our customers. Take some time to read them on our website and also amazon.in

You will feel the difference of quality when you will use the Garud Garden Hose yourself.





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