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300 participants could not answer this question.

November 02, 2019

300 participants could not answer this question.



In 2017 we had organised an event where we posed this question to the participants. We presented before them two glasses containing an equal amount of milk. They were asked to identify which milk is pure and which glass has water mixed in the milk. 


Here are 4 interesting facts about adding water to milk.

  1. You can add any amount of water into the milk.
    1. The colour of milk will remain white, 
    2. it will still be liquid,
    3. it would still boil at 100 deg Celcius and
    4. it will surely help make a cup of tea, albeit with different taste.
  2. Physical properties of milk remain the same, while the Quality, Food Value, Nutritional Value & Health Value decreases.

  3. A very few, about 10%, who have tasted pure milk, can tell the difference between water added milk and pure milk. But they will also be able to tell it only after checking it physically. For a common man, the difference is very hard to detect.

  4. Even the experts cannot tell the difference by looking at the product from distance. Much harder is to tell the difference when viewed on mobile or laptop screen.

Simply by checking the looks and colour, none of the 300 participants could tell the difference between the two. 


Similar is the case of plastics. You can add any amount of fillers in plastic and it still looks the same. A very few can only tell the difference and they are also helpless when they try to figure out the difference online. 

A common man in such a scenario gets cheated. He falls prey to the external looks and loses his money.

But our philosophy behind manufacturing Garud Garden Pipes is different. Our objective was value addition. Before starting the Garud Garden Hose business we were ourselves using garden pipes as any normal customer. We had some bad experience with it. Watch the video to see what we had gone through.

So when you buy Garud Garden Pipes, You are buying something

  1. that is built around you,
  2. for making your work easier and
  3. for adding VALUE to YOUR MONEY.

These 3 points, in brief, are the reason why we don't go for cheap raw materials and poor manufacturing practices. We have always opted for quality and that does get costly, just like pure milk is costlier as compared to water added variant. 

Visit the products section of our website and select the right size and length of the Garud Garden Hose that you want and Enjoy!

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