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Why the garden hose kinks too often?

October 22, 2019

Why Garden Hose Pipe Kinks. - Garud Pipes,    Photo by Pedro Sandrini from Pexels



Garden Hoses are flexible PVC hoses and are meant to be used for transporting water from the source (tap) to the destination (plants etc). While moving from here and there, this is often experienced that the garden hose kinks or gets entangled. The curls stop the water flow and disturb the activity that it is being used for. 

Therefore it is utterly important that the garden hose should be kink resistant. But what causes the kinks and curls in a garden hose.



For a garden hose to be kink-resistant, it should have strength in it. Strength comes from the thickness of the garden hose and also the materials used.

The thickness of the garden hose can be measured as

Thickness  =  (Outer Diameter of the garden hose)  -  (Inner Diameter of the garden hose)


Cross Section of Garud Premium Garden Hose Water Pipe


For two garden hoses of the same material, the thickness of the garden hose is the deciding factor, as to how much kink resistant it is going to be.

The thickness of the garden hose, in turn, depends on the weight of the garden hose.

Higher the weight, higher the thickness.
Lower the weight, lower the thickness.


Thus to achieve an optimum thickness the garden hose must have an optimum weight also. If the garden hose has weight less than the optimum weight then it is sure to get the kinks, curls and all other related problems.

Cross Section of various pipes as compared to Garud PREMIUM Garden Hose


In the picture above you can see the three garden hoses have different thickness and would thus behave differently in the field. 


For a standard length of 30 Meters, the optimum weight for a simple garden hose in different sizes should be as follows

0.5"      -   4.500 kgs

0.75"    -   8.000 kgs

1.00"    -   12.000 kgs

1.25"    -   17.000 kgs

If we increase the weight beyond the optimum weight range then the garden hose will become very bulky and difficult to handle.  But then why some garden hoses are lightweight. The reason is simple, it reduces the cost. A low-weight garden hose would sell cheap and would attract many customers. But in the long run, it will not deliver full value to your money.  An optimum weight garden hose will certainly be costlier, but in the long run, it will deliver full value to your money. 



 Raw materials play the most important role in the quality aspect of the garden hose. Manufacturing process, product weight, length etc come after this. If raw materials have been used as they should be, then kink-resistance is a natural feature of that garden hose.  

Use of Low-Quality raw materials and added to that the excess use of them makes garden hose very soft. Soft garden hose when gets exposed to sunlight or heat becomes even softer resulting in kinks. Therefore, just as the optimum weight of the garden hose is important, so is the importance of optimum softness of the garden hose. 

Any garden hose which is made using the best quality raw materials and in accordance with prescribed limits will be most kink-resistant and easy to use hose. Garud PREMIUM is one of the leading examples in its industry.


Kink Resistant Garud PREMIUM Garden Hose Water Pipe




So, it is quite clear that good raw material and optimum weight of the garden hose are important factors that define the kink-resistant capacity of the garden hose.

It is thus highly advised that instead of checking the price, check the quality aspect of the garden hose first while making a buy decision. Customer reviews are mostly the best criteria to judge the quality of the product. 

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