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A Bad Garden Pipe Experience. It Changed Our Working Style.

November 30, 2019

A Bad Experience of Garden Pipe - By Garud Garden Hose Pipe

Many years ago, in 1998, my parents purchased a garden pipe. We went to a reputed shop and asked for the good quality hose for our home use. The shopkeeper gave us a garden hose that looked superb in packing and assured us that it is the right quality pipe for all domestic purposes. At that time we were not manufacturing garden hoses and were not aware of the quality aspects of the garden hoses. What the shopkeeper said was considered right.

We purchased it, and we brought it home. We removed the cover and as soon as we untied the ends of the hose, fishhh.. came out the air. The hose coil that looked like a tyre was deflated and became soft and fragile. The pipe roll was filled with compressed air to make the roll look good and strong. It was our first shock.

A few days into the use, we realised how tough it was getting working with the hose. It was an oversize hose, it was ¾” tube and our requirement was ½” hose. That was manageable for once but what was getting unmanageable was handling the garden hose. Garden hose became oilyafter some time. Touching the garden hose would mean applying grease on our hands. Washing with detergent would also not serve any purpose.  

Winding & unwinding the hose each day was very cumbersome. After a few days of usage, the pipe got so much curled that we had to spend half an hour in resetting the pipe. That was the second bad experience with the garden hose.

And then came the winters. The single pipe that we had purchased broke into multiple lengths. The pipe became hard, and with winters intensifying it would break into pieces. By the end of the winters, the whole of our garden pipe was damaged, and we were again looking to buy a new garden hose.

These adverse experiences stayed with me. After a few years, just by chance, we came into the manufacturing of Garden Hoses. So from the very first day, it was clear to me that none of my customers should ever go through the bad experience that I had to.

So you have the Garud Brand of Garden Pipes. These are made specifically with one purpose in mind. That you should enjoy owning it and it should bring Value to Your Money.


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