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Biggest Mistake We Make When Buying a Garden Pipe

November 17, 2019

Biggest Mistake We Make When Buying a Garden Pipe

As essential is water for your plants in your kitchen garden, equally important is the garden pipe for your home. Instead, garden pipe finds many more uses other than gardening alone. So it becomes essential that the garden pipe should be a long-lasting right quality hose.

While we can take some care of the garden pipe during use to prolong its working life, the best thing to do will be to buy a suitable quality garden hose at first place. It will save us not only from untimely loss but will also make our gardening experience a lot more satisfying.

And this is the point where we almost make a wrong decision and buy ourselves a big botheration for the rest of the year.



While buying a garden hose, we compare many garden hoses and finally choose the one that is cheap and has some freebies alongwith. This is precisely where many people get it wrong.

When our decision is based on price, then we start to overlook the quality aspect of the garden hose. Freebies distract us even more. Consequently, we buy something cheap but not high quality.

On the contrary, the price should be considered last. First, we should check the quality, then the reviews of the customers and then price.




If you are buying from a hardware store check the following things

  1. Weight of the garden hose. It should be optimum. Many times garden pipes are made too light in weight so that the price per roll gets lower. But this has a massive impact on the kink resistance and curlingof the garden hose
  2. Proper Inner Diameter of the Garden Hose. Smaller than the standard inner diameter of the garden hose reduces the volume of the water being transported. Smaller ID of the hose will make it difficult to attach it with pipe joints and connect with taps.
  3. Material of the Garden Hose.For a common man, it is practically not possible to differentiate between virgin plastic and recycled material. It’s even much harder to tell if the plastic is non-toxic. A simple test can be that the plastic should not be having griany texture and should be smooth. On bending the garden hose in U form if the corners at the turn get whitish shade or texture, then it could contain a high filler content. Avoid such garden hoses.
  4. Soft But Not Too Soft Either.Garden Hoses are made for flexibility. They should, therefore, be soft and flexible. But excessive softness becomes a problem in summersand extreme hardness causes breakage in winters. An optimum hardness is best for a flexible garden hose.
  5. Transparent or Opaque.Colour of the garden hose has no major role in quality but opacity does help. It has been observed many times that transparent garden hoses have a very high tendency for growth of algae, probably due to exposure of water inside the tube to direct sunlight. Growth of algae in the hose will reduce the water flow after some time. It is best to buy an opaque garden hose.
  6. Non Toxic Plastic. This is the least cared for aspect of the garden hose. Regular quality garden hoses are made using chemicals that have a detrimental effect on human health. Use of these chemicals is prohibited in American and European countries. It’s in the favour of your health and society to use the phthalate-free garden hoses like Garud PREMIUM Garden Pipe.
  7. Don't Get Distracted by Freebies. Freebies don't add value or compliment your product unless the main product is of higher quality. Many marketing companies use freebies to promote a product that would not otherwise sell. Freebies are added benefit and should only be considered in last while comparing the price of similarly placed products.

If you are buying online, then you cannot do the physical tests, but you can go by the product description and customer reviews. Garud PREMIUM Garden Hose Water Pipe is the ideal garden hose for you.



Giving priority to Quality over Price is the fundamental change that we need to bring in our buying pattern. Based on the above few identification points, you can certainly make a wise decision and get full Value for Your Money.

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